SD Tweaks

This screen controls SD read cache size and IO scheduler. You can select the sd card at the top, should the device have multiple SD cards available. If you cannot find your SD card, please send a "support request" from app settings mentioning the problem. On supported kernels you can also control "fsync", more about it here

WARNING: It is not recommended to disable fsync when kernel/ROM/device is unstable as the risk of data loss increases if device reboots unexpectedly. 

Tap on boot (in action bar) button to have current settings applied on boot. Any changes applied since boot will be lost on next boot otherwise.


The 3 tabs allows you to respectively:

  • Analyze SD content to see which folders consume most space.
  • Benchmark various SD read cache.
  • Link folders from one location (usually internal SD) to another (usually external SD). 

Linking folders is achieved by creating a file system link from select target into the destination folder. eg selecting /sdcard/Pictures as the target and /extsdcard/DCIM as the destination will create a folder Pictures under /extsdcard/DCIM/Pictures actually holding any new content created under /sdcard/Pictures. If files from target folders are not moved to destination, they will actually disappear until the link is disabled or removed.

WARNING: When allowing the app to move existing data, make sure not to select the wrong target. Selecting /sdcard will move the whole sd-card content, however it's not possible to remove /sdcard and replace it with a link. All content will be moved and unaccessible and will need to be moved back manually from destination folder.


WARNING: Make a "CWM Restore" package from the Active Tweaks settings in case something goes wrong. This package allows you to disable all tweaks from CWM recovery.