Task Manager

WARNING: Since Android 6+ displaying all process information (system/kernel) requires a rooted device or using 3C Companion. Android OS prevents normal apps from reading any process information, only allowing 'Usage Statistitics' which does not provide memory information.

For those non-rooted devices, if you have a PC (Windows, Mac or Linux), you can use 3C Companion to enable original features.


This screen lists apps running on your device in "real-time", that is refreshed every 5 seconds.

Apps are color-coded, blue being user-installed apps, red being system apps and green being kernel processes. This can be changed in settings.


At the top you can select to display CPU load (%), CPU frequencies (off by default), memory, internal memory, SD and external SD usage.

At the bottom, you can select in which order to display apps and which apps to actually display.


You can also use the 'kill-all' button to kill all included apps (if rooted/3C Companion). Those apps are recognizable as they use a brigher color and have a grey cross button on the right. Apps can be included or excluded by either long-pressing the cross button on the far right or from the app detail page. NB: Kill-all is only useful when you explicitly want to get rid of running apps, often used when those apps are misbehaving and continue to run in background. Can be used from active tweaks settings to get rid of such apps when screen is turned off, on, etc. In general kill-all should not be used because Android does the task cleaning on its own, and some apps may be set to restart automatically when killed generating more battery drain than desired.


You can tap the cross button on the right to actually kill any particular app. Long-press the cross button to include/exclude the app directly from that screen without opening the app detail page.

Tap an app to open its detail page.


Available sort orders:

  • CPU time usage
  • CPU % usage
  • Network usage
  • Total CPU time usage
  • Overall CPU % usage
  • Total network usage
  • Memory consumed
  • Name


Filtering options:

  • Excluded, to show/hide exlucded apps. All system are excluded by default, so if this is unset no system apps will show, except those manually included.
  • System, to show/hide all system apps.
  • Kernel, to show/hide kernel processes