3C Privacy Policy

None of your data will ever be collected or disclosed by any 3C applications. Read about 3C app's privacy policy here.

3C Apps Support

For all support (questions, help, bugs) on any 3C apps, please use either methods:

- Send a support request from app settings, help and support. In the created e-mail, please specify the issue/question and attach any relevant screenshot.

- Use the XDA Forum thread located here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-2-3-3c-toolbox-pr...

3C All-in-One Toolbox

The wait is over: 3C Toolbox, a top-100 Play Store paid tool combines the most wanted features requested by Android users into a single highly optimized app.

Data backup/restore

Ability to automatically (without confirmation) backup/restore an app's data when using 3C Companion app, requires enabling backup accessibility service.


To enable data backup on a non-rooted Android device, the 3C Companion app must be run once and app's backup accessibility service must be activated.

3C Companion App


Downloads are currently available for PC, pick your OS and version (please check device compatibility below):

Self contained:

Row Editor

This screen allows editing fields of a previously selected row.

Database Editor - SQL

This screen allows running any SQL commands supported by Android SQLite.

3C Sensitive Backups

NB: This app was created because of Play Store restrictions not allowing 3C Toolbox to use SMS and call-logs permissions.

3C Battery Stats

This app allows gathering (the legacy) battery statistics, which shows apps keeping device awake while not charging. Non rooted users can use 3C Companion app.

3C Toolbox Pro & Battery Monitor Pro APKs to unlock keys

Starting with 3C Toolbox Pro v2.0 and 3C Battery Monitor Widget Pro v4.0, the pro APK is an unlock key to the main app version (Toolbox or Battery Monitor). Unlocking issues, please read here.



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