3C Privacy Policy

None of your data will ever be collected or disclosed by any 3C applications. Read about 3C app's privacy policy here.

3C Apps Support

For all support (questions, help, bugs) on any 3C apps, please use either methods:

- Send a support request from app settings, help and support. In the created e-mail, please specify the issue/question and attach any relevant screenshot.

- Use the XDA Forum thread located here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-2-3-3c-toolbox-pr...

WiFi MAC Editor

In this tab you can edit your factory MAC address, given your device is rooted. If anything goes wrong (failure to connect) you can revert to original MAC address from the same screen.

MIUI 12 Notification issues

In latest version of MIUI 12 to date, users have discovered that the OS uses default app notification icons for all apps notification automatically overriding custom icon an app may chose to display!


This can be resolved by unchecking "Use app icons for notifications" in Settings -> Notifications & Control center -> Status bar.


WiFi SSID Information

Since Android 11, thanks to Google, my apps can no longer access WiFi SSID information when in background.

This means that within the apps, more specifically in network manager, you will find your currently connected network WiFi SSID, however it might not show in widgets or other notifications, but instead it will show "no permissions".

Free Apps For Me review

A new review of one of my app has been published: 3C Battery Manager App Review | Free apps for Android and iOS (freeappsforme.com)

Thanks a lot to the author(s) for their time and lovely article.

Tech Tracker Article

A nice article by TechTracker.in has been posted on TechRadar, you can read it here.

It describes the capabilities of my apps extensively and will give you some background about how I came to create Android apps.

3C WiFi Switch

Gives 3C Toolbox, 3C Network Manager and 3C Toggles the ability to turn on/off WiFi on non-rooted Android Q/10 and above.


Because of Play Store restrictions, new and updated apps can no longer turn WiFi on or off. This APK helps by providing the required service for those apps to do just that.


Download and install at your convenience.


Remember you need one of below app to make it useful:

3C Companion App


Downloads are currently available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS:

Self contained:

Windows 64-bits OS (102MB)

3C Sensitive Backups

3C Sensitive Backups allows you to backup and restore your call-log history, SMS/MMS, contacts and calendar data on local or remote storages. Your data will only be backed-up or restored on your device at your discretion on the local or remote location of your choice. If device is rooted, you can also backup/restore your WiFi settings.



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