3C Sensitive Backups

NB: This app was created because of Play Store restrictions not allowing 3C Toolbox to use SMS and call-logs permissions.

It allows you backup/restore your call-log history and SMS/MMS.


Schedule automatic backup will redirect you to use 3C All-in-One Toolbox, and Explore backups will take advantage of 3C Explorer (or the Toolbox) if installed.


Backup will make an immediate backup of your call-log history or SMS/MMS.

Restore will let you choose which previous backup to restore.

Manage allows you to delete old backups.

Clear, after confirmation, let you clear call-log history or delete all SMS/MMS.


The app displays the last backup date and number of elements backed-up. When using restore and manage, you will be presented with a list of backups with number of elements and date (and possibly size - work in progress).