History Graphics

This screen shows one or two graphics of recorded data. At the bottom you can see the plug and screen states.

Tap a graphic to switch its data cycling through all data: %, %/h, mV, mW, mA and temperature.

Long-press a graphic for additional options:

  • Switch a graphic min/max calculation between visibile and global
  • Select data to display
  • Select length of view
  • Select predefined view (since unplugged being the most useful)
  • Display text history as detailed here.
  • Switch from theme color or red/green/white color graphics.
  • Hide a particular data or restore all data.

When using color-coded graphics, the following colors are used:

  • Green - AC charging, increasing mA, mV or temperature
  • White - Flat
  • Red - Discharging or decreasing mA, mV or temperature
  • Blue - USB Charging
  • Red - Wireless charging

Additional options are available pressing the menu button:

  • Clear history
  • Clear battery statistics (need root)
  • Clear estimates
  • Edit/create markers



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