App Statistics

IMPORTANT: On Android KitKat (4.4.2) and above, battery statistics are no longer available to normal app. If device is rooted, AT can install a system helper app to gather those statistics. This tab should offer you to install this helper app, if not please open app settings, active tweaks and install the system helper app manually.

IMPORTANT: On Android Lollipop (5.0) and above, battery statistics can be obtained by manually granting BATTERY_STATS to the app (more information here). If device is rooted, the app is automatically granted that permission.

IMPORTANT: On Android Pie (9.0) and above, battery statistics is banned from any apps updating after November 2019! Please install 3C Battery Stats to get access to those stats again. Note that 3C Battery Stats needs to be configured as explained here.




This screen displays the list of applications that have been consuming CPU on battery or since last charged.

Selecting 'Usage' in second drop-down will show apps with the total amount of CPU consumed, number of times it was started and total app % drain.

Selecting 'Standby' in second drop-down will show apps with the total amount of time it kept the device awake (wakelocks), number of times it woke up the device and total app % drain.


This is then graphically represented by a light line for screen-on time (usage), and darker line for standby (wakelocks).

The more standby time the more wakelocks were preventing the device from going into deep-sleep.


When expanding an app, you can actually see which component (within the app) actually used CPU or kept it awake.


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