Time Estimations

This screen shows estimated run-time based on learned usage pattern. This require battery history to be recorded.

Tap on the remaining times to switch from remaining time (duration) and estimated time (precise date/time).

Tap on graphic to switch between average, since (un)plug and (dis)charge estimates.


Additional options are available pressing the menu button:

  • Clear history
  • Clear battery statistics (need root)
  • Clear estimates
  • Edit markers/Show history switch


Estimated Times


Global estimates in blue is based on the average times below.

Since last (un)plug in red is based on the average since (un)plugged using last measure below.

Actual (dis)charge in green is based on mA charge or consumption.

Standby shows how long device will last in standby (screen's turned off). Total time is in parenthesis (from 100% to 0%);

Screen-on shows how long device will last while screen is turned on. Total time is in parenthesis (from 100% to 0%);


Average Times (global estimates)


The figures are calculated based on past use. Sum is weighted on % changes, except on first cycle completion.

For example, assuming AC is 2h, plugged @ 50%, charged after 40 minutes (100% in 1h20m), the new value is 1h50 minutes instead of the average 1h40.

Still considering AC is 2h, plugged @ 1%, charged after 1h50 minutes, the new value is the average 1h55 minutes (considering 0->100%)

This means that charging or discharging a few percent will not change the existing average much!


Last Measure (since last (un)plug estimates)

This is usually the last time the phone was plugged or unplugged and the actual battery % at that time.

It can also be measured during phone boot time, to avoid measuring time when phone is off.



This shows the last few hours and the 5 estimates produced.

Tap the graphic to switch the focus from on estimate to the other in loop.


Widget (global estimates)

When selecting 'global estimates' in 'battery estimates' group, you will see 4 estimated line as follows:

  • Global shows a graph with multiple lines, green, blue, purple and red.
    • Blue line is global average based on all historical data.
    • Green line (or Real-time) shows actual (dis)charge (mA) estimates, remaining time based on current mA.
    • Red (or current estimates) shows average since last (un)plug.
    • Purple (or average estimates) is the pondered average between blue line and red line, eg the closer to 0% the closer the purple is to the red.


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