Items to record

Here you define what metrics to record. Note that CPU load is always recorded for all processes or Android apps.

You can also record the following about your CPU/GPU:

  • CPU frequencies
  • CPU temperature
  • GPU load
  • GPU frequency
  • GPU temperature


Enable battery information recording will record all battery data: %, mA, mW, mV and temperature.


Actual components on-off states can be recorded:

  • Screen
  • Bluetooth, records if bluetooth is on or off, no actual data.
  • Phone, records if phone is connected to network.
  • Mobile data, records whether connected to mobile network - does not record any data.
  • On calls - record whether a call is on-going - does not actually record voice.
  • GPS state - record whether localization is active or not - does not record actual geolocalization.
Specific options allows you to fine-tune recording:
  • Private memory consumption, shows more precise memory used.
  • All processes will also record Linux kernel processes (not actual apps).
  • Network usage, can only be recorded for Android apps, not processes.