Font changer

This tab allows you to change your ROM's default font by selecting an already installed font as default and replacing the Android hard-coded default (Roboto-Regular.ttf).

Tap the download button in the top-right corner to access the font downloader to install new fonts.


Original settings are saved (/system/etc/fonts.xml to /system/etc/fonts.xml.original) and the default font to Roboto-Rguler.ttf.original in case you want to restore original setting. Selecting the 'Sans-serif' font as default will actually do that for you.


NB: To restore original settings, simply select 'Sans-serif' font as default.


Warning: Some applications select their own font and may not be affected by the settings in this tab. Some fonts do not have all attributes (bold, italic for example) and will also not be affected by the settings.