Download Battery Monitor Widget icon packages

Click on the link below to download an icon pack. Please register and post a message should you have any issues with using those packages.

NB: Once downloaded, you need to install the APK in your phone.

Should Android asks, you might have to change the 'Unknown Sources' option in the Android settings. This allows installation of packages (applications) outside of Android Market.

ICS-based Battery %
ICS-based Battery mA
Battery mV
Battery Temperature (Celcius)
  Battery Temperature (Fahrenheit)
  Black Battery %
  Black LCD Battery %
  Black XDA A Battery %
  Black XDA B Battery %
Circular Battery %
Dodev Battery %
  Darker White Transparent Battery %
  Full Battery mA
  Full K3 Battery mA
  Full LCD Battery mA
Battery %/h
  Green LCD Battery %
  Palin Battery %
  Raffaele Battery %
  Red Battery %
  Standard Battery %
  Transparent Battery %
  Transparent Battery mA
  Transparent Battery Temperature (Celcius)
  Transparent Battery Temperature (Fahrenheit)
  White Battery %
  White Battery mA
  White LCD Battery %
  White Transparent Battery %
  White XDA A Battery %
  White XDA B Battery %