[FIXED] Can't boil apps on some devices running ICS


This is a known issue that occurs with many known app freezing/defrosting/boiling apps.

You can find more details on XDA here.


Since version 1.8.x of System Tuner, the app is able to properly freeze/boil/defrost/unfreeze any apps on any custom ICS roms.


If you froze apps with a previous version and are unable to boil/defrost/unfreeze them, here is a workaround:

- Uninstall all the frozen apps you want to boil (defrost).

- Reboot

- Restore those apps, they are no longer frozen.

You'll find the APK here.  Free version is available here. It will recognize app frozen with App Quarantine, and should be able to defrost them.

It should also unfreeze any system app frozen with this new version. Your feedback will be much appreciated.