HTC Sensation

Battery Monitor Widget reports mA consumption and total battery capacity (mAh) provided by the phone's kernel.

It has been noted a little discrepancy on the phone's reported mAh and the real battery capacity, who's right is questionable: the phone's specifications or the kernel's info? The app calibration screen often confirms the kernel mAh value.


Model Names:


HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio

HTC Sensation

HTC Sensation Z710e

Tap the widget label or open the app by tapping the widget and open the app settings, it will be there.

The mA is retrieved from the kernel system interface which gets its value from the current sensor on the battery.


To calculate the total mAh, you add all the mA readings during a full charge and then consider the interval: 5 mins needs to divide the total by 12.

Each reading is the average consumption (or charge) per hour during those 5 minutes. So over a one hour cycle you could add all 12 values and divide by 12 to obtain the average consumption during that one hour cycle.