What's planned for BMW, ST and MTW

Worried about your purchase and what you will get now that Android Tuner is out?

Mainteance and support will continue. The future depends on user feedback and support, not every users want an all-in-one app.


Here are the enhancements and features that are already planned for your apps once beta tested within Android Tuner* :


Battery Monitor Widget Pro:

- Battery change detection

- Enhanced calibration screen

- Widget preview, save/load

- Help button

- Supporting new phones (mA reading)


System Tuner Pro:

- Enhanced event screen

- One-click tweaks

- Recording network traffic

- Widget preview, save/load

- CWM installer/reset packaging

- Help button

- Supporting new phones (CPU temperature)


Multi Toggle Widget:

- System APK installer replacing the need to move app to system

- New toggles when they become available


* At the time of writting - no deadline or guarantees can be provided, may change without notice.