System Tuner Build editor

Q: How does the Build screen actually works? 

A: This is a simple screen to edit the Android ROM build.prop file


This file stored in /system/build.prop keeps the device general configuration, from ROM information to component settings, including camera, wifi, screen, etc.

Messing with this file can prevent the device from booting, so please be careful if you change or delete existing values.

To add a new setting, tap the add button, type in the setting name and its value then tap ok. On next boot the new setting with take effect.


This file is loaded on device start, so when changes are made to that file, it will take effect on next boot.


The app provides a number of presets that are known to work on most devices, but your device might support additional settings to improve your experience.


For more information please check the build.prop tweaks on XDA forums. You might want to search on XDA for build.prop tweaks specific to your device "build.prop <device_name>".