Problems updating/installing/purchasing applications

If you experience one of the following issues on your device, please read below for some hints to solve them:

  • Download does not start or is suspended
  • Installation never starts after download
  • Receiving an error after when installing/updating
  • In-app purchases are not up-to-date or fail with "already owned".

Note that the browsing, downloading and installing apps are all under Google's control (or Amazon if using Amazon Store) and Android OS. I have no control whatsoever over the distribution process.


The following steps usually solve it for most users:

- Clear app data and cache on the following apps: Play Store, Play Services and Google Services Framework

- Optionally reboot or launch Play Store and open concerned app page.


If it doesn't resolve your issue, please check the following links:

- Fix Play Store errors

- Google Play Help


You might want to try a little later as licensing information may take a day (2 at worse) to spread across Google's servers. Also check your phone dates (phone date in the future are known to prevent downloading!)