How to backup Android app's data without root

On Android, apps may have 3 pieces of data stored in different locations:

  1. Internal data under /data/data folder.
  2. External data under /sdcard/Android/data folder.
  3. OBB extension data under /sdcard/Android/obb
On Android 10 and below, both data #2 and #3 can be backed-up without any particular permission, but storage permissions.
On Android 11 and above, #2 and #3 requires special access permissions which can be granted from backup's dialog, activating external data (or from app's explorer by navigating to those locations).
Concerning #1 (internal data), without root, only the Backup Manager Service can backup/restore data on behalf of another and the guide below explains how to do so:


  1. Install either 3C Toolbox or 3C App Manager from Play Store.
  2. Requires a PC either running Windows, Linux or MacOS.
  3. Configure 3C Companion as detailed here:
Constraints for internal data to be actually backed-up:
  1. it is mandatory that the app being backed-up is not stopped, otherwise Android will not allow backup.
  2. Some apps may be marked with a , in which case the developpers have decided not to allow internal data backup at all!
  1. Start 3C Toolbox and go to App's Manager screen, or 3C App Manager.
  2. Select an app in Apps tab, and tap manage / backup.
  3. Enable internal data backup, the app will ask to enable an accessibility service that will help enter the backup password for you and quickly start backing-up data.
    1. If you don't enable that service the OS will ask you a password for both backing-up or restoring data, simply enter 3C for the password, otherwise the backup/restore will fail.
NB: It's possible the accessibility service gets disabled upon app updates (or if you force-stop the app), thanks to odd Play Store behavior force-stopping apps during update.
So you'll be requested to enable it again, unless you ask not to be asked again ;)