Battery monitoring rate

Battery monitoring rates in 3C Battery Manager and 3C All-in-One Toolbox are devided into 2 groups:

  • Real-time group
    • Default which records all updates provided by the OS.
    • xx seconds while charging.
  • Interval group


Interval rates are primarily for past users which are used to get data at regular intervals. While it may look nicer in the history tab (text information), it actually looses accuracy (eccept 1 minute interval) and always consumes more battery. This is not recommended and the higher the rate the higher the battery consumption will be.


It is the recommended to use the default, or xx seconds while charging for the most accurate results. xx seconds can help get more accurate battery capacity, but only if the mA sensor provides updated data faster than every minute (tap the mA value to check if it changes more than twice within 30 seconds or so). Between 15 to 30 seconds is usually good enough and any higher rates don't quite get any more accurate.


FWIW, interval lower than one minute have been removed as they cause :

  • battery drain, 
  • do not provide more accurate results as mA sensor are now providing 1-minute average data by default,
  • and those rates are reported as bad behavior which lower app rating, acceptance and support by end user.