3C Toolbox Widgets Benchmark on Nexus 7

Yet another benchmark of 3C Toolbox, to confirm how widgets may affect battery drain.

Battery monitoring is on at all times. Recorder set to record everything at an interval of 20 minutes. 3 Widgets have been added to home screen. Every other settings are set to their defaults, that is widgets do not refresh themselves in standby.

It shows that 3C Toolbox consumes 12.84 seconds of CPU per day to record full battery history, application data (memory and CPU), WiFi, BT, GPS and plugged states!

Unlike the TF701, this tablet seems to consume a little more in standby, nevertheless standby drain remains at a reasonable 0.20%/h, a little too much for a tablet without 3G.

It's interesting to note the CPU pikes and the 1% drop each time the GPS is being used. So disabling localization during standby could help increase battery time further.