3C Toolbox Widgets Benchmark on Nexus 5

Yet another benchmark of 3C Toolbox, to confirm how widgets may affect battery drain.

Battery monitoring is on at all times. Recorder set to record everything at an interval of 20 minutes. 3 Widgets have been added to home screen, graphic widgets are refreshed every 10 minutes even in standby! Every other settings are set to their defaults.

It shows that 3C Toolbox consumes 8.56 seconds of CPU per day to record full battery history, application data (memory and CPU) and update widgets every 10 minutes! This resulted in 3C Toolbox draining a mere 0.25% battery in the whole recorded time (19h29m).


An average standby drain of -0.22%/h clearly shows that refreshing graphic widgets every 10 minutes have very little impact on overall battery drain,