MIUI ROMs badly affect battery logging


It has been reported that recent versions of MIUI ROMs have an issue with their alarms, causing any app relying on intervals to get notified 5 times less.

For Battery Monitor Widget, default battery logging is performed every 10 minutes by default, however on MIUI ROMs it turns into 50 minutes and there's no way to work-around this without impacting battery severely and risking other users with non-MIUI ROMs be affected.

For Android Tuner, you may optionally set app to update and log mA data every minute, which on MIUI Roms will turn into an update and logging every 5 minutes instead.


If your device is rooted, you can use Xposed framework and a module dedicated to fix this. You can download the MIUI Xposed framework here. Then install the "Alarm Time Fix" module, enable it and reboot.

If not rooted, I'm sorry but you will have to report this issue to MIUI development team to get it fixed.