Sysctl (kernel) presets for my device?

Android Tuner offers a limited number of sysctl/kernel presets for various devices. Some configuration actually work for more than one device, but will use the name of the device it was originally tested on.

Feel free to test available presets (without setting them on boot) to see if one of them improves phone responsiveness and/or battery time.


If you find a configuration that does work well on your device, please send it to for integration :D


If you can't find anything suitable, best is to search on XDA for your device optimized sysctl/kernel configuration. Once you find such configuration, please send it to for integration.


Thanks for your help and using Android Tuner!

So I cannot provide an optimized configuration for every device, instead the app comes with some default that are known to work with all devices.

To find a configuration dedicated for your device, best option is to search on XDA for your device optimized sysctl/kernel configuration, eg searching "sysctl" or "sysctl tweaks" or "sysctl configuration" in device's forums.