3C Toolbox vs System Panel Benchmarks

Here is a comparison of benchmarks made by a user using both apps.

3C Toolbox is set to record continuously at an interval of 10 minutes, while System Panel is recording at a 15 minutes interval.


Here is a 3 hours recording showing both apps monitoring in the background.

If you reproduce that over a full day of recording: System Panel consumes 44 seconds of CPU per day (not bad) and 3C Toolbox consumes 28 seconds/day. Setting 3C Toolbox to record every 20 minutes would consumes around 15 seconds of CPU per day!

Here is a 12 hour recording showing both apps have been used twice (to check on recording/history). 3C Toolbox is selected and white in the graphic.

It appears that using System Panel costs more CPU than using 3C Toolbox. Also interesting is that both app monitoring do not seem to affect battery that much. The % available has 2 flat lines of around 3 or 4 hours: that's about 0.25 - 0.33 %/h.