BMW: How to get support for your device?

Should you notice that on your device some data are inconsistent or missing, you can use the 'support request' available in the app settings to send relevant data about your device.

You should first check in this forum if your device is listed and any known issues it may exhibit.

In the settings when you click on 'request mA support'. This will create a mail in your default mail app to report key data from your phone (nothing private, only battery data!).


NB: The %, mV and temperature are standard data usually available on all devices. Only the mA and mAh are problematic as every manufacturer provides it in a different way or do not provide it at all!

Until you contact me or send a report, I cannot add support for your phone, being completely in the dark!
I'm striving to ensure you enjoy my apps and get the best experience with it and will spend as much time as needed to implement support for your devices! But I need your help in doing so as I can't buy every possible devices available on the market :(